1-day Tanzania sharing safari tour package to visit Tarangire National Park to have the best game drive trip to explore the wild animals for the whole day.

1 day Tanzania sharing safari tour to Tarangire

The 1-day Tanzania sharing safari overview

This 1 Day Tanzania sharing (joining) budget safari takes you to Tarangire National Park for a whole day.

The safari takes you around the best National Park in Tanzania, visiting Tarangire National Park where you will get the chance to enjoy the scenery of the African Savannah dotted with gigantic baobab trees and get the rare chance to track the largest herds of elephants in the whole of Africa

We invite you to join a group for a 1-day safari in Tanzania. Get a chance to see the "Big Five" and other animals such as impalas, zebras, buffalos, etc.

You will feel being one with nature as you will spend your nights in various great campsites. Witness what Tanzania has to offer! you will have memorable adventures with professional staff and experienced guides and cooks, Our safari starts from Moshi/Arusha and ends at Arusha/Moshi

The full-day itinerary of the 1-day sharing safari to Tarangire

Depart early from Arusha town at around 07.30 – 08.00 hours you will drive across a beautiful and scenic Masai Steppe to Makuyuni junction and take a left along the Arusha – Dodoma Highway towards Tarangire National Park, a drive that will take only 2 hours at most. Arrive at the park gate at Tarangire and after your driver has sorted out the paperwork you start game drives almost straight away from the gate in a bid to see as many animals and birds as possible.

Tarangire is known for the two aspects, large baobabs and largest herds of the jumbos but there is more to visiting the park than just that. The park hosts a lot of migratory big game and small animals (that migrate between here and Manyara) but also a lot of bird life including some very rare and almost indigenous only to this park like the Ashy Starlings for example. Other rare animals include the oryx and the gerenuk. A range of other common animals that can be spotted include buffaloes, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, impalas, dik-diks, leopards, gazelles, elands, hartebeests (Kongoni), and many others.

Your professional safari guide will take you to the best wildlife-spotting areas of the park including the Tarangire River which is a permanent river that works as a bloodline for the park ensuring animals flock to the river banks in search of water throughout the year. You expect to see elephants, elands, wildebeests, buffaloes, zebras, gerenuks, giraffes and a lot of birds. Lunch will be taken at one of the picnic sites. Later in the afternoon, you will drive out of the park and your guide will take you to Gate for checking out. There are a surprising number of other large mammals and the striking cliffs on the Rift escarpment form a dramatic backdrop. We late afternoon drive back to Arusha